Are you planning to outsource the qualitative data analysis arena of your organization? If so, there are some important factors you should consider. However, before looking for these companies, it is very important to know what are the functions of these companies and the benefits you can obtain by hiring them.

Know more about QDA or Qualitative data analysis:

Qualitative Data Analysis is a range of methods and procedures, which is used for collecting qualitative data through different forms of explanation, interpretation and understanding of the people as well as the situations they investigate. QDA is mainly based on an interpretative philosophy. The main idea here is to examine meaningful as well as symbolic content of the qualitative data. For instance, you will be able to collect data by analyzing the interview data such as:

• Someone’s explanation of the world

• Understanding their point of view

• Understand the reason why they have that view

• Knowing about their personal profile

• Understanding the way they convey their view of a situation

• How they will identify or classify others and themselves in what they say

This is juts a simple example. In the same way, you will be able to find different strategies and plans through the data analysis programs that you implement for the development of your company. The main task of the QDA usually involves two basic things such as writing as well as identifying the themes. Therefore, the company you hire for this documentation support should be capable of providing you the best results. They should have the right strategies for understanding different themes and obtain right outcome from it, if they are implementing it.


Writing involves writing on the data as well as the themes or strategies you find there. If you are concentrating properly on these aspects, the data you write can be some good analytic ideas. Therefore, as mentioned above, you should only look for a company that is specialized in this field.

Coding into themes:

Looking into the themes involve coding. Here the experts should be capable of identifying the passages of the text or other significant phenomena and apply labels to them. Once the data annalist will identify an important theme or idea, they should label it. This labeling or the coding process will help you to research quickly to retrieve or collect all the text as well as other data, which are associated with thematic ideas.

Apart from just identifying the analytical ideas and themes, the company you select for this purpose should also have the capabilities and understanding to implement them for your business. Although, you will be able to find many companies providing data analysis services, selecting the right one should be done with proper care. Make sure the company you select is a BS 25999 consulting. The companies that hold this certification is considered as specialized in the particular data research and analysis arena. Selecting the right company can help you to develop your company in an efficient way.

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